Bus Tickets

Comfortable bus journey

We work together with Solmar for your bus transport from the Netherlands. A few times a week there are luxury Royal Class and First class buses to the Costa Blanca. These buses are provided with the necessary quality marks and of excellent quality. You can relax from the moment you step on the bus. The driver and hostess will ensure that you arrive safely at your destination.

Departure is always in the morning. You can choose from an extensive boarding schedule throughout the Netherlands. All buses come to Maarheeze, regardless of whether you have to change or not. During the bus trip you can choose from a wide range of hot and cold drinks at very competitive prices and of course deliciously cooled.

The expected arrival time in Benidorm is the next day around 3:00 PM. All our passengers are dropped off at the side of Gemelos 22, from where you can walk straight through the gate to our reception.

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Royal Class

Royal Class is included in the ticket price as standard. All buses are standard equipped with air conditioning, double glazing, DVD, air suspension and a double braking system. There is also a refrigerator and a toilet for emergencies. There is a reading light and a blower above each seat. The Royal Class double decks have 50 seats on the upper deck and 16 seats on the lower deck. You travel in a very comfortable seat, with a seat pitch of at least 94 cm (ANVR standard). The back of the chair can be put into a sleeping position. The legroom between the seats is much more than on a city bus or tour bus and considerably more than on an airplane.

First Class

For First Class you pay a surcharge of € 40 per person per oneway. The seats of the First Class buses are constantly being adapted and developed in terms of ergonomics. The seats are wider and more comfortable, so there are no 4 seats in a row (except in the back row), but only 3. So you sit next to each other or behind each other. If, due to circumstances, a First Class bus breaks down, you will be taken further in a Royal Class bus or another replacement bus. You will be reimbursed for the difference in surcharge for the relevant outward and / or return journey.

Entertainment First Class

All our First Class buses have an entertainment system. With our entertainment system you can watch unlimited and free movies, listen to music, watch series, consult destination information and follow the route to your holiday destination live from your own device (phone, tablet or laptop). To ensure that the journey is as pleasant as possible for everyone, we kindly request that you put on your earphones / headphones when using the entertainment system.

Essence & Preferences

The seats on the bus are pre-arranged by the bus company. It is possible to indicate a where you would like to sit, a so-called preference. If the place where you will be sitting on the bus is very important to you, it is also possible to reserve it in advance. You then book an “essence”. For this place 15, – per person per way is charged and you are then guaranteed of a certain place on the bus. Many booked essential places are: downstairs in the front, downstairs (in connection with climbing stairs), upstairs in the front or at the very back. The essential places are valid from the meeting point to the destination, and on the return journey from the destination to the meeting point.


It is allowed to bring 1 piece of hand luggage and 1 piece of hold luggage per person. A maximum weight of 20 kg applies for your hold luggage and the following dimensions: height 70 cm, width 30 cm and length 80 cm. Your hand luggage consisting of 1 bag must fit underneath your seat. If your hand baggage does not fit under your seat, the driver will place the hand baggage in the hold for safety reasons.

It is necessary to provide your luggage with a luggage tag. Extra and special luggage, such as a collapsible wheelchair, walker and (child) buggy, must be registered separately. Only a limited number of these can travel with you, so please always indicate this immediately when making your reservation!

Extra luggage for winter visitors: on special request it is possible to bring an extra suitcase per person, but you must inform us in advance! If we are not requested to do so in advance, the 2nd suitcase may be refused. A maximum weight of 20 kg and the dimensions 70x30x80 cm also applies to this 2nd case.

Do not smoke

In accordance with the ANVR guidelines, smoking is not allowed in the buses. During the ride, there will be regular stops to stretch the legs and/or to smoke a cigarette.

Food and drinks on the bus

During the bus ride there is a catering service on board. You can, for a small fee, include coffee, tea,

Dog along on the bus

It is possible to bring a dog with you to Gemelos22 in winter. Your dog can also be taken along at an additional cost, but must be requested in advance. Only a limited number of dogs are allowed per bus trip. Passengers traveling with a dog are also placed in the top and rear of the bus. Make sure that the dog may not weigh more than 8 kilos!

Stops on the way

Depending on how busy the motorways are, there are regular stops to stretch the legs and go to the toilet. The toilet on board the bus is a chemical toilet and you are requested to use it only in urgent need. For the stops where a meal can be consumed, there is usually longer stop at a self-service restaurant. These meals are at your own expense. Before the bus reaches the stop, the driver indicates how long it will be stopped and from which point the bus will depart again. Make sure to get back to the bus on time so that it can keep running on the timetable.

The return trip

For the expected departure time of the bus, we urgently advise you to walk past our reception on the day before your departure day for the exact departure time.


Delays due to heavy traffic, strikes, congestion, weather influences, but also technical defects on the bus are circumstances beyond our control. You book under the condition that you never hold us liable for further consequences. If the cause is due to a technical fault and the delay therefore lasts longer than 6 hours, you will be reimbursed for a meal up to a maximum of € 12.50 per person. If you arrive at your holiday destination more than 8 hours later, most cancellation insurance policies will pay for one day of vacation. For the return journey, the hours will count if you cross the border with the Netherlands after 2 p.m.

ISO-9001 certificate for bus travel

Solmar only works with coach companies that hold a certification according to ISO-9001, supplemented with the non-statutory requirements in the NVR Safety Document or are equivalent to this. The ISO-9001 is an international certificate.