Feel free to contact us directly if you have any inquiries regarding accommodation.

General Information

Yes, everyone has to pay a deposit. The amount is € 150 per apartment.

It is possible to take your medication with you on a trip. Please communicate this to your carrier or us if you booked your transportation with us. If we are not aware of this, there is a chance that medication will be refused.

In the period from the end of October to the end of April (25th) it is allowed to bring a dog into the apartment.

SGR stands for ‘Stichting Garantie Fonds Reisgelden’. Siroco is affiliated with this, which means that – within the limits of the SGR guarantee scheme – published trips are covered by the SGR guarantee. You are then assured that you will get the prepaid travel sum back if the other party (we) cannot meet the agreed consideration due to financial inability. Read here more about SGR.

On the day of arrival you often cannot immediately enter the apartment. You will be given the option to place the suitcases in the apartment. You can usually enter the apartment between 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM.

Of course we hope that it will not happen, but it is possible that the apartment or the trip does not go as planned. We advise you to always report complaints about the apartment on site, as action can then be taken immediately. If you want to submit the complaint afterwards, you can contact us or write an e-mail to:


You can easily book with us via our website, by telephone or by email. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

We offer apartments in Benidorm located in Gemelos 22. For people traveling from the Netherlands, we also offer Travel Packages incl. transportation. 

If not mentioned, you will only book an apartment. 

It is possible to make a pre-booking for the coming year! You can easily do this via our website or by contacting us.

We can be reached Monday to Friday between 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, on telephone number: 0182 – 399 399 (NL) or +34 966 864 690 (ES).

Yes that is possible! You can indicate this when making the reservation. Because we arrange the layout of the apartments ourselves, we always try to ensure that you get the apartment that best suits your needs.

It is not possible to change or cancel a booked trip online. If you would like to do this, you should contact us.

Your policy number is always your invoice number. You can find this on the top right of your invoice.



All of the apartments have a flat screen TV with around 25 Dutch speaking channels, around 20 English channels and multiple Spanish & Kids channels.

All apartments have a fully equipped kitchen with: oven, microwave, coffee machine, pots pans, and all utensils needed for a self catering holiday.

Yes and all balconies have a table and chairs.

No we do not have any restaurant on site. But when you step outside the complex you will have many choice in restaurants within walking distance.

Yes, the indoor swimming pool is heated  around: 23ºc.  The indoor swimming pool is open from 30th October until 30th April.

Yes there is, located behind our reception, a wash only is 4€ and a wash and dry is 6€.

Yes, there is Free WiFi poolside and in every apartment – also free.

There are 2 supermarkets nearby, Mas y Mas is located next in the same street, and the Dialprix is just around the corner. There is also a 24hr shop down the road.

There are multiple cashpoints in the same street as Gemelos 22.


It is possible to book your flights via Siroco – Gemelos 22. You can communicate this at your reservation via the website, mail or telephone. Costs for the flights will be communicated and require your confirmation. Flights can also be included in our offered travel packages from the Netherlands (only if mentioned).

We will send the tickets, if paid, to the main booker approximately 2 weeks before departure.

Each passenger is allowed to take 10kg of hand luggage on the flight. The maximum dimensions of the hand luggage are 45 x 40 x 25 cm.

Nowadays you have to book and pay for the hold luggage separately at Transavia. You can arrange this with us in advance when booking. You can choose from: 15, 20, 25 or 30 kg checked baggage.

The wheelchair can be taken to the gate, but it must always be registered in advance! So make sure you always inform us immediately when booking, so that we can take it with you to the gate. After landing you will immediately receive the wheelchair from the purser.

You can always bring a walker to the gate, where you must hand it over to the purser. There are no costs associated with bringing a walker, and you do not have to report this when booking.

It is possible to take a buggy with you during the flight, this will be accepted when you arrive at the device. There are no costs associated with bringing a buggy, and you do not have to indicate this when booking.

We can of course arrange this for you. Transavia offers special services for passengers who cannot reach the plane independently. This is always free of charge, but it must be communicated to us when booking.

You can check in for your flight 24 hours in advance. You can do this by clicking on the link to online check-in on the following page:

All our air travel includes the transfer from Alicante to Gemelos 22 and back! You will be picked up at the airport by one of our Dutch hostesses, they will be waiting with a sign with Siroco / Gemelos22 and will take you to the transfer bus. You will receive more information from the Dutch hostess.

A new law in Spain has forbidden to bring a dog in the transfer bus on the top deck. It is therefore possible to bring your dog, but it will be transported at the bottom of the bus. If you do not like this, you can always contact us directly.


It is possible to book your bus via Siroco – Gemelos 22. You can communicate this at your reservation via the website, mail or telephone. Costs for the bus will be communicated and require your confirmation. The bus can also be included in our offered travel packages from the Netherlands (only if mentioned).

We work together with Solmar for your bus transport from the Netherlands. A few times a week there are luxury Royal Class and First class buses to the Costa Blanca. These buses are provided with the necessary quality marks and of excellent quality. You can relax from the moment you step on the bus. The driver and hostess will ensure that you arrive safely at your destination.

See for more information.

It is allowed to bring 1 piece of hand luggage and 1 piece of hold luggage per person. A maximum weight of 20 kg applies for your hold luggage and the following dimensions: height 70 cm, width 30 cm and length 80 cm. Your hand luggage consisting of 1 bag must fit underneath your seat. If your hand baggage does not fit under your seat, the driver will place the hand baggage in the hold for safety reasons.

It is necessary to provide your luggage with a luggage tag. Extra and special luggage, such as a collapsible wheelchair, walker and (child) buggy, must be registered separately. Only a limited number of these can travel with you, so please always indicate this immediately when making your reservation!

Extra luggage for winter visitors: on special request it is possible to bring an extra suitcase per person, but you must inform us in advance! If we are not requested to do so in advance, the 2nd suitcase may be refused. A maximum weight of 20 kg and the dimensions 70x30x80 cm also applies to this 2nd case.

During the bus ride there is a catering service on board. You can, for a small fee, include coffee, tea.

It is possible to bring a dog with you to Gemelos22 in winter. Your dog can also be taken along at an additional cost, but must be requested in advance. Only a limited number of dogs are allowed per bus trip. Passengers traveling with a dog are also placed in the top and rear of the bus. Make sure that the dog may not weigh more than 8 kilos!